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I became a professional writer when I started working for McCann-Erickson Worldwide in Los Angeles, but a real writer when I became the sole scribbler for the beauty company Sebastian International where I was on staff for six years, writing everything from product concepts to packaging, brochures to marketing and advertising material. Then I became a freelance writer, keeping Sebastian as one of my biggest clients for another three years. Since then I have expanded my client base as well as my repertoire to include writing books and articles, ghostwriting, providing editing services when requested, and continuing to also write website content, advertising materials including print, radio and television, and packaging copy.


I have long believed that writing is more than a craft; it is also a calling. I don’t write simply to pay the bills. I write because I can’t imagine not writing.

Writing then isn’t just what I do,

it’s who I am.

I’m from the North East so I have an east coast sensibility but I’ve lived in the west for the greater part of my life, both in terms of years and in discovery of people, places and things, all of which inform who I am, what I do and how I write. The west has given me a greater sense of self and of the lyricism that is required in writing well.

The writer Anaïs Nin once wrote that “we write to taste life twice.” Words are a culinary feast just waiting to be served. I relish the opportunity to cook up some of my best work for your project.

Contact me today to discuss your needs and how best I can help fulfill them.

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