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Ghostwriting is the art of writing books and articles that will officially be credited to another person. Celebrities often use ghostwriters to write their memoirs or autobiographies. So do politicians. Sometimes ghostwriters are hired to edit and re-write a rough draft of something already existing; other times they are hired from the very beginning, doing most of the writing based on an idea or an outline provided by someone else, usually the author.


Ghostwriting means the hired writer, in this case Lorin, will not have her name associated with the book or article in any way other than perhaps in an acknowledgement or thank you by the credited author.

Ghostwriting is actually a very

interesting process.

In addition to research and interviews, as necessary, there is also quite a bit of time spent with the “author.” A relationship develops, one that is crucial since often times ghostwriting must be done in the “author’s voice,” rather than the ghostwriter’s voice. It is imperative to know how the person talks, what their views are especially as those views will be on display in the text.


Ghostwriting can also be referred to as ghosting. A fee is agreed upon and paid as specified. As the ghostwriter gets no credit on the book, she is usually not entitled to royalties.


Ghostwriting or ghosting is another service that Lorin provides. If you have an idea, hire her. She’ll work closely with you and write it for you.

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